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Rochester Knighthawks Win at Home

The Rochester Knighthawks and the Minnesota Swarm faced off on February 4th at the Blue Cross Arena. Despite being down 6-9 at halftime, the K-Hawks quickly rebounded in the beginning of the second half. They were within one point of the lead just 1:04 into the 3rd quarter. But the 3rd quarter sparked some early defensive problems for the team and they found themselves down by three just a few minutes later. They would battle back to end the 3rd with a tied score of 11-11.
In the 4th, Cory Vitarelli scored the go-ahead goal to make it 12-11 in favor of the K-Hawks. And thanks to outscoring the Swarm 10-5 over the course of the second half, Rochester ended up winning the game by a margin of 16-14. The team’s top playmaker so far this season, Cody Jamieson, had an outstanding game as well. With three goals and six assists, he showed why he is the team’s leader in both of these categories. Jamieson scored a crucial go-ahead goal in the 4th to make the score 14-13 in favor of the KHawks. This would spark a power play that would bring the score up to 15-13 after another goal by Cory Vitarelli.
Still, the Swarm came back putting pressure on Rochester and bringing the score up to 15-14 with just over 5:00 left in regulation. With 2:35 left, Jordan Hall lifted the score up to 16-14 in favor of Rochester. This is how the game would end and the Knighthawks picked up their second victory of the season to improve to 2-3 overall.


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