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Dragon boat racing and festival returning to nearby London, Ontario

Dragon boat racing and festival returning to nearby London, Ontario

Photo courtesy of Fanshawe Dragon Boat Festival

Fanshawe Reservoir

 Boating and water enthusiasts can celebrate the unique tradition of dragon boat racing at scenic Fanshawe Lake in nearby London, Ontario, this summer. The Rowbust Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Racing Team is excited to bring dragon boat racing back to London in 2012 with the Fanshawe Dragon Boat Festival, a one-day event sanctioned by Dragon Boat Canada.
Imagine for a moment the calm of a lake on a warm summer day. A gun fires and the beat of a drum strikes through you and sets into motion a multitude of paddles slicing into the cool water in an explosion of energy and determination. The head of a dragon begins to rise out of the water from momentum created by the power of paddlers. Each synchronized stroke propels the 40-foot dragon boat on a course to the finish line. This is a race of unity that celebrates life through the heart of every paddler on all 50 teams.
The Fanshawe Dragon Boat Festival is a true community and family event, organized and generously supported by London businesses. There are plenty of opportunities to participate, or just stop by to take in all the wonderful sights. Proceeds from this event will support the Rowbust organization, assisting in club operating costs and the continued growth of community outreach programs. The event will also feature numerous merchandise and food vendors.
For more information, please visit And, for helpful information on planning a quick getaway to London, visit


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