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NBA Finals Game 3-2nd Quarter

Shane Battier is still hot from 3!!!
Soft 2nd foul by KD after a bad 3pt shot
Good 1st half of basketball by both teams
Both teams doing a great job of not turning the ball over
This game feels like who ever can come out hot in the 3rd quarter and put a run together can really seize control of this back and forth game


I hear you Quel. OKC needs help from guys other than the big 3 WAY more than MIA does

Great 3rd quarter by Joey Crawford and company.

OKC needs Harden to get it going. Miami's best 3 players are better than OKCs. Miami can win without much help outside of their 3 because of how good of a defensive team they are.

yea for sure. miami's big once scored 90 together, they've proven they can control a game without much help. OKC has to get everything from everyone. defense from Thabo, that spark off the bench from harden, smarter plays from westbrook. Durantula en fuego

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