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NBA Finals Game 3-3rd Quarter

Best move OKC made in this quarter was sitting Westbrook. He had 4 straight possessions of bad basketball.Getting no one involved and ending up with 3 missed shots and a turnover.
Milk Carton alert: Has anyone seen James Harden???
Where has OKC's good free throw shooting gone???
OKC loves the 3rd quarter. They always come out balling. Another good one by them.
Wade is coming alive and looking good again.
OKC had a good start to the quarter but Miami took advantage of KD being on the bench as they closed the quarter on a 15-7 after Durant picked up his 4th foul. Miami needed to close the quarter on a good run and they made it happen. This is going to be great 4th quarter!


KD . Is the closer sit back put the beer down and enjoy the show

OKC inexperience showing down the stretch...poor possessions and turnovers

yea definitely. they have gotten pretty far with their talent and playing hard, but they need to play smarter, something that only comes with experience

KD is the closer sit back and enjoy the show

Game is pretty even now that OKC doesn't look as stupid on the boards as they did early in. Both teams shooting bad, and the FT attempts are pretty even, but OKC is shooting under 60%. They will lose if that number doesn't come up.

Kd is a true team player. He why the nba is great. Westbrook has the heart of a champion.


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