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The NHL Awards needs a bit of a revamp

On Wednesday night the 2012 NHL awards took place, and while I was watching them I realized how stale the awards show has become.
Before traditionalists come after me for bashing the classic awards like the Hart, Norris, Jack Adams, I want to let you know that that's not what I'm doing with this post. I'm not suggesting we take away anything, I want to add.
If the NHL is going to put on a two-hour award show, then why not add some fun awards to the mix that fans can vote for.
If you can't think about what categories to add, I have a few for you:

  • Best/Worst playoff beard
  • NHL Fan of the Year
  • Weirdest media outfit (The Don Cherry Award)
  • Biggest Pest (Matt Barnaby Award)

Now that's just a part of what I would do. Below you'll find more.
They need to get bigger bands to perform, bigger A-listers to present award, and need a gimmick to draw attention to the league. To the purists who cringed at that gimmick comment, hear me out.
Face it, the NHL Awards were turned into a primetime show to try and generate buzz about the sport when the games have stopped. By getting bigger names in the world of entertainment to attend it would garner more attention for the event. Hell, even just putting it on NBC and not the NBCSN would probably help it get more attention as well.


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