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NBA Draft 2012

Likes and don't likes of picks 7-20 of the 1st round of the 2012 NBA draft
Like-Kendall Marshall to Phoenix. As Steven Nash probably departs this summer, Kendall is the perfect PG in this draft to fill right in for Nash as the Suns hope not to miss much of a beat. Houston picking every other pick and getting Jeremy Lamb, Royce White and Terrence Jones. 3 really good athlete's who can score. I like Andrew Nicholson more than Royce and think he would have been a better fit but only time will tell. Love the Austin Rivers/Anthony Davis combo. Who Dat nation should be partying tonight! Early predictions: look for Monty Williams to be one of the finalist for the 2013 Coach of the Year. St. Bonaventure's Andrew Nicholson to Orlando is a great move. He should really learn from Dwight Howard this year.  
Don't like-Golden State picking another person who is soft and only plays D when he wants to in Harrison Barnes. Toronto picking another unestablished player like Terrence Ross. With their picks the last 7 years its easy to see why they are always picking in the lottery every year. John Henson to Milwaukee. Never was a big fan of Henson in college as he usually played soft and got pushed around regularly as that will definitly happen in the NBA if he doesnt get stronger FAST! Milwaukee drafting him at #14 is to high for my liking. Cleveland giving up 3 picks for Tyler Zeller. The Cavs gave up way to much but I still like the pick for Waiters at #4 so I am not to mad at Cleveland. I like Andre Drummond but him being a 29% free throw shooter is jaw dropping. That is beyond horrendous. He doesn't even try at the free throw line. That needs to change in a hurry or everytime he came in the game I would foul him.
Enjoy the rest of the draft! "The Fanatic"


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