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The Dwight Howard Saga Continues - By Julian Radney

Instead of Where's Waldo we are going to play a game it seems we play every offseason the last couple of years: Where is Dwight Howard going next?

If Dwight Howard was really going to leave LA (as reported by ESPN's Chris Broussard), I would say no income tax sounds good to play in Texas but how about staying in California? I would get on I-5 N hit that 580 W, 238 N and finally hit that 880 N and take my butt to Oakland to play wit Steph Curry , Klay Thompson and be coached by Mark Jackson. Golden State would b a perfect fit for D12 because its only 6 hours from LA where its reported he loves, Golden State gets up & down the court, they have shooters, slashers and most importantly a coach Howard would respect and not be able to blame for his own misfortunes. With D12 GSW becomes on the level of OKC, the Clippers and San Antonio in the west. Don't get me wrong no income tax is great in Texas but what about championships Dwight? You have been to one NBA finals in your career. You should want to go back ASAP. Dallas didn't even make the playoffs last year, Houston is coming up but they were shown the exit door in the 2012 playoffs swiftly by OKC and then there is Golden State who first beat a good Denver team. After that if not for a Steph Curry ankle injury, they could have knocked off the Spurs. A championship is coming soon to Oakland which sounds preposterous given their basketball history, but I truly believe a chip is coming soon. If Howard joins GSW a championship could be coming a lot quicker than we think..."The Fanatic"


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