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Top Sabres enforcers

On a local radio station they put out a list of the top fighters in Buffalo Sabres history. Here is my take on the best.
1. Rob Ray. A no brainer here. Most penalty minutes in team history and a big fan favorite.
2. Larry Playfair. He not only won fights but most were no contest. His battles with Terry O'Reilly and Chris Nilan are worth watching over and over.
3. Kevin McGuire. The game against Detroit is the game that made him this high for me. He avenged a goalie hit on Tom Barrasso and basically waited to take on whole team. The team came together after that incident.
4. Brad May. You can see him chomping at the bit when things started to get rough. Also anwered the call.
5. Danny Gare. Small scoring forward who had a jack hammer of a right hand. Took on the bigger players in league and won many more than he lost.
6 Rick Dudley. The orginal jack hammer right hand. His headband and reckless play make him one of the more memorable players in team history.
7. Matthew Barnaby. OK not a tough guy or big hitter but he was so much fun to watch. Never wanted fight to end.


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