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Will T.J. Graham Contribute In His Rookie Season?

 He's been called a better version of Roscoe Parrish, but does that mean T.J. Graham will be a play maker for the Buffalo Bills in 2012?

The Bills' 2012 third round draft pick, Graham has had his share of backers and detractors. From having explosive speed and the ability to make defenders miss to his oft-questioned hands, there is a lot about Graham's game that makes people talk. But the biggest part of his game that's been talked about has been will he be able to improve his route running.

In 2011 he had a career high 46 catches for 757 yards. That's good for nearly 17 yards per reception. If you look at the tape, you'll see that most of those receptions happened on straight routes with very little footwork involved.
It's no secret that Graham is the definition of a "burner". On streak routes, he can run right past the best of them, as he should being he was a former track star. Still, when the situation comes for him to run specified routes, his talents become questioned.

Now, the Bills already have a fantastic route runner in number one receiver Stevie Johnson, but the team still needs that guy on the opposite side to take away the pressure on Johnson. Fans and coaches alike are hoping Graham becomes that guy for Buffalo. He's got the potential and the talent, he just needs some polishing.

However, he can't get on the road to becoming the team's number two receiver if he doesn't get signed.

Graham is the only 2012 Bills draft pick who has not yet agreed to a contract with the club. For whatever reason, Graham and his agent have yet to come to an agreement with Buffalo on a rookie deal which baffles me because of the rookie cap.

Training camp is just two and a half weeks away, and Graham can't participate if he's not signed. If he wants any chance of being a starter for the team in 2012, Graham needs to tell his agent to get a deal done pronto.

No one wants a hold out, especially when it's a third round pick.


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