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Amateur Boxing Results

Saturday night was boxing night at Castricone's gym in West Seneca. Ten bouts were held with clubs from Rochester, Buffalo and the Tonawandas. Results are as follows: (dec = decision win) (RSC = referee stops contest)
Zach Braddel (Victory Gym)        dec 3-0   Charley Stobert (Castricone's Gym)
Prince Stobert (Castricone's)    dec 2-1   Steve Austin (Bomb Squad Buffalo)
Charles Guiles (Rightmove)      dec 3-0   Jose Roman (Rochester St. Martin)
Dusko Vandyag (Victory)             dec 3-0   Travis Millman (WNY Self Defense)
Anthony Dicenzo (Castricone)    RSC 2   Matt Priest (WNY Self Defense)
Shawn Johnson (St. Martin)        RSC 3   Brandon Gannon (Thunder boxing)
Raquan Balkum (Rightmove)     dec 3-0  Cedric Mitchell (St. Martin)
Eric Plumeri (DeLeon Boxing)    RSC 2   Vernon Britton (Rightmove)
Art McClure (Castricone)              RSC 3   Mike Schimek (WNY Self Defense)
Mike Miskal (WNY Self Defense) RSC 1  Tyler Corkwell (Castricone)


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