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Western Region Buffalo Golden Gloves

Western Region Buffalo Golden Gloves

Downtown Buffalo hosted the Buffalo Golden Gloves Western semi-finals and finals on Saturday night. The open champions who will vie for State honors on April 16th are:
Juan Rijo (Rochester)                 dec 4-1    Sequan Felton (Rochester)    123 lbs.
Lavias Williams (Rochester)     dec 5-0    Dante Palmer (Lackawanna) 132 lbs
Brandon Williams (Rochester)  dec 5-0   Antoine Nguyot (Buffalo)         141 lbs
Rudy Nguyot (Buffalo)                dec 5-0     Eric George (Rochester)        152 lbs
Lamont Miller (Buffalo)              rsc 2         Patrick Thompson (Buffalo)   178 lbs
Terry Carter (Niagara Falls)    dec 3-2    Greg Brady (Buffalo)                 201 lbs
Lamont Johnson (Buffalo)        dec 5-0    Roberto De Leon (Buffalo)     201+ lbs 
                                                            (165 lb open final yet to be fought)


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