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And the List goes On

First it was Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.  Then it was Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.  A-Rod and Manny Ramirez followed shortly after that.  All these baseball greats have one thing in common; they’ve all been linked to performance-enhancing drugs.  Baseball however isn’t the only sport where its top names are being linked to these negative allegations.  Now the performance-enhancing drug accusations are taking their aim at cycling hero Lance Armstrong.  Armstrong is an American icon known for winning the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times.  He is also known for overcoming testicular cancer.  He is a symbol of strength and belief hence his famous yellow wristband—LIVE STRONG.
There have been rumors coming out regarding Armstrong’s use of performance-enhancing drugs.  Most recently, a former teammate of Armstrong’s spoke out about his use.  Tyler Hamilton said he saw Armstrong use performance-enhancing drugs during their time together.  He also said that Armstrong told him that the UCI(cycling’s governing body) would make the issue go away.  Armstrong has said recently that he passed several drug tests during his time on the tour and that the results should speak for themselves. 
These allegations are yet another example of an athlete’s legacy being questioned because of performance-enhancing drug rumors.  I find it very sad that some of the athletes I looked up to most while I was growing up have now been linked to cheating in some way.  In baseball, the top hitter(Bonds) and pitcher(Clemens) of my era have both had their legacy’s tarnished by these allegations.  Now one of the most looked up to men in all of sports is being questioned.  This has taken most people by surprise, no one thought Armstrong was a cheater.  All of America perceived him as the all natural, hard working athlete that all people can look up to. 
Nothing has been proved and nothing will probably ever be proven but it definitely makes you think a little bit different about things.  Some people won’t believe the rumors and some people will.  No matter the outcome, Armstrong’s image will be negatively impacted by this news.  It’s hard to know which athletes do it the right way.  It’s hard to believe any of them because there is so much evidence against them.  It begs the question—are all the great athletes of our era cheaters? 


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