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Bodies 2 Envy Fitness Studio

Photos by Bodies
Bodies 2 Envy Fitness Studio

Bodies 2 Envy Fitness Studio

Posted July 12th, 2011 4:38pm by Dwight Nelson

I have been actively involved in the fitness industry since 1986 and I am currently the owner of Bodies 2 Envy Fitness Studios in Vaughan, Ontario 416 834 1701.
Over the past several years I have helped many fitness facilities in the greater Toronto area not only set up personal training and group programs, but also to design and set up the fitness facility from the ground up.
I have extensive experience with training and rehabilitation of high-risk clients with chronic injuries and conditions. For my clients, the rehabilitation has resulted in increased mobility, flexibility and stability.
My extensive nutritional background – more specifically my involvement in the dietary department of a retirement and health care centre for over nine years, has enabled me to help many clients with special needs towards the road of recovery, rehabilitation and wellness.
I enjoy all types of music. I would have to say seeing a world free of war and starvation would be a great goal. What makes me unique is I'm a people person (help anyone who needs it unconditionally) unfortunently we live in a world that thinks cosmetic appearance and money is everthing. Not so in my eyes! Who we are comes from within. Like I said I'm a people person.


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