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Historical Aircraft Museum Breakfast in the Hangar June 3

Posted May 25th, 2012 12:51pm

 Sunday, June 3: 7 am - Noon
Breakfast in the Hangar at the 1941 Historical Aircraft Museum, 3489 Big Tree Lane, Geneseo, NY
Fly-in, drive-in, bike-in, walk-in breakfast -- expect aircraft to be coming an going all morning
Adults - $7; Children ages 5 - 10 - $4; Children 4 years and under - free (Pancakes, eggs, sausage, ham, juice, coffee)
Enjoy breakfast in the hangar, then tour the Historical Aircraft Museum for free. Vivid displays in the Visitor Center will introduce the different warplanes that played critical roles in America's wars. After taking an up-close look at the restored, operational warbirds in the main hangar, stroll through "Project Alley" in the adjacent hangar and see what volunteers are currently working on. Among these projects are a T-6 trainer airplane - known as "the pilot maker" during WWII, a 1936 Plymouth staff car, the tail gun turret of a B-29 Superfortress bomber, a Link Trainer flight simulator originally manufactured in Binghamton, NY and used as an instrument trainer for pilots, and an actual Genie missle. The brand new "America At Home" exhibit offers a peek into rooms of an average American home in the 1940s and displays of vintage clothing, military uniforms and products. (Museum has disabled access)
The 1941 Historical Aircraft GroupMuseum is a 105( c )(3) organization dedicated to the restoration, preservation,display, and flight of World War II and Korean War era aircraft for theeducation and enjoyment of the public, as well as the recognition of all UnitedStates Military personnel for their service and sacrifice. The organization also hosts the annual Geneso Airshow (July 13 - 15).
Phone: 585-243-2100


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