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Sammy Watkins "Wows" Fans At Bills Camp

Sammy Watkins "Wows" Fans At Bills Camp

Photo By Micheal P. Majewski

Sammy Watkins Catches EJ Manuel Pass at Bills Camp

Photos by Micheal P. Majewski

Watching Sammy Watkins run routes and go through drills during the Buffalo Bills camp practices any football fan can appreciate the raw, athletic talent of this rookie receiver from Clemson University. In the first two weeks of camp he has become the most talked about player, other than quarterback EJ Manual. He attracts attention whenever he steps on the field. He has demonstrated to the Bills fans and media that he possesses that intangible “Star” quality that comes along very infrequently in the NFL. As a receiver he explodes off the line of scrimmage and gets in and out of his routes quicker than any other receiver I’ve seen in recent years playing for the Buffalo Bills. He zigs and zags through the secondary like a water bug skipping along a creek. His quickness, ability to come out of his cuts, and acceleration after he catches the football sets him apart from any of the other Bills receivers and puts him in that special class of “ elite receivers” in the NFL although he is not played one game to date. That may be premature praise but he has all the skills needed to be a special player. Sammy Watkins is exactly what EJ Manuel needs in his second year to become a bona fide NFL quarterback. Nothing complements a quarterback more than an explosive receiver who can turn a 3 yard bubble screen into a 50 yard touchdown pass. During camp EJ has spent a lot of time and practice throwing to Watkins. He understands that Sammy is his ticket to that next level of quarterback play. With a receiver like Watkins who also catches balls with his strong hands, snatching the football away from defensive backs and catching difficult passes, Manuel has found his go to receiver for the 2014 season. Watkins will draw special attention from opposing defenses and allow the other receivers on the Bills to find open spaces in the secondary. He will draw double teams, and zone defenses will be rolled up toward his side to slow down his special ability to release off the line of scrimmage. Coach Doug Marrone is busy spending late nights with offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett drawing up offensive plays to utilize the talents of Sammy Watkins. Plays will be put into the offense that will try to get the receiver into open space and one-on-one coverage. Sammy will be a very important part of the passing game plan in every one of the 16 games this season. His success will be directly tied to how well EJ Manual develops this season. Bills fans are excited about the prospect of having Watkins catching touchdowns and scoring points for the offense this year. Games will be won and lost, and Sammy Watkins will be right in the middle of those wins and losses. His overall play will dictate to a large extent how well the Bills perform on offense this year and whether they are a legitimate playoff team as the season comes down to the final crucial games. Sammy Watkins, # 14, potential AFC rookie of the year candidate, will begin his NFL career against the Chicago Bears, with an away game at Soldiers Field, September 7th.


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