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Amateur Boxing at Casal's

Amateur Boxing at Casal's

Graziadei and Rogers

Amateur Boxing at Casal's

Coach and pugilist

Photos by Bob Caico

Casal’s Boxing in Niagara Falls, NY pulled off yet another exciting and competitive amateur boxing card Saturday night. Thirteen fights were on the schedule and each one was just as thrilling as the next. Ten of the thirteen bouts had a member of the Casal team and seven of them had their hand raised in victory. The runner ups in each contest showed their bravery and determination that made this card, the third show brought by Ray Casal at his new gym, their best yet. The main event brought the heavyweights to the ring with Drew Graziadei going up against Erik Rogers in a rematch of the 2012 NY State Golden Glove finals. The fight did not disappoint as Graziadei and Rogers fought their hearts out and were rewarded with Fight of the Night laurels. The results:

Keith Gordon (Casal’s Boxing) dec 3-0 Mike Gangemi (Roc Boxing)
Joey Krebs (Casal’s Boxing) dec 3-0 J P Barone (Thunder Boxing)
Brian Camacho (Westside Boxing) dec 2-1 Devon Davis (Roc Boxing)
Phil Violante (Casal’s Boxing) dec 2-1 Shiaha Freeland (St. John’s Boxing)
Collin Murray (Goomba Boxing) dec 3-0 Frank Saunderson (Casal’s Boxing)
Dakota Witkop (Thunder Boxing) dec 2-1 Michael Reeves (Roc St. Martins)
K Shawn Agee (Casal’s Boxing) dec 3-0 Sequan Anthony (Roc St Martins)
Kauron Overton (Roc St Martins) dec 2-1 Jackson Krebs (Casal’s Boxing)
Ahured Harad (Roc St Martins) rsc 3 Steven Guy (Roc Boxing)
Mike Vega (Casal’s Boxing) dec 3-0 Mike Hajdaj (Buffalo NWCC)
Donald Marshall (St John’s Boxing) dec 3-0 Shevah Sheppard (Casal’s Boxing)
Kevin Bonk (Casal’s Boxing) dec 2-1 Amir Farug (Westside boxing)
Drew Graziadei (Casal’s Boxing) dec 2-1 Erik Rogers (Buffalo NWCC)


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