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NY State Golden Gloves 2nd round

NY State Golden Gloves 2nd round

Photo By Jack Green

Lane Thatcher of Roc Boxing jabs Taylor Atkinson of UB

The second round of the NY State Golden Gloves tournament was held on February 16th at The Tralf in downtown Buffalo. The card featured 20 bouts in the open, novice and sub novice classes. The first round of 22 fights in January had four open class contests while the second round featured six more. Open class State champions have the opportunity to go to the national championships. The results of the second round open class winners are as follows;

D'Andre Hockerson(St. Martin's) dec 5-0 Hassan Outley (Syracuse Boxing)
Oscar Peralta (Syracuse Boxing) dec 5-0 Abraham Nova (Faragon Boxing))
Will Madera (Albany City) rsc -2 Vinnie Denerio (Elmira)
Briana Smith (Casal's) dec 3-2 Mikiah Kreps (Inspire)
Sequan Felton (St. Martin's) dec 4-1 Joe Shell (Geneva)
Lane Thatcher (Roc Boxing) dec 5-0 Taylor Atkinson (UB)

Novice class results:

Ahmad Allyev (Buffalo NWCC) dec 5-0 Paul Maley (Team Precision)
Charles Garner (St. John's) dec 5-0 Christan Colon (Westside Boxing)
Duane Williams (Bomb Squad) rsc- 2 Dakota Witkopf (Thunder Boxing)

Other results:

Kamari Hodrick (St. Martin's) rsc-2 Ryan Higgins (Victory Gym)
Dominic Diaz (Westside Boxing) dec 4-1 Tyler Cruz (UB)
Petrit Daka (Team Precision) dec 5-0 Corderal Thompson (Bomb Squad)
Mike Parilla (Syracuse) rtm-1 Nick Sciandra (Buffalo NWCC)
Mike L. Stevens (Victory Gym) dec 4-1 Anthony Wadsworth (Westside Boxing)
Rondy Bulls (Westside Boxing) dec 5-0 Tim Akeredolu (UB)
Adam Morrell (KC's Fitness) rsc-3 Jeremiah Jones (Casal's)
Alvis Colon (Westside Boxing) dec 4-1 Joe Tardibouno (Casal's)
Vincent Brown (St. Martin's) dec 5-0 Kevin Kirby (Victory)
Eric Oberdrof (Geneva) dec 4-1 Ruben Lipkind (Buffalo NWCC)
Jeremiah Jones (Syracuse Boxing) dec 5-0 Usiel Hernandez (Geneva)


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