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West Side Amateur Boxing

West Side Amateur Boxing

Photo By Jack green


West Side Amateur Boxing

Photo By Jack Green


Photos by Jack Green

West Side Boxing Club from Buffalo hosted an amateur card at the Matthew Glab Post in Lackawanna on October 5th. Thirteen bouts featured clubs from Rochester St. Martin's, Toronto, Casal's, St. John's, UB, Thunder Boxing, Victory and Buffalo PAL. Fight of the Night was awarded to Jake Ventry and Carlos Carresquello for their back and forth fight. Jackson Krebs-Anthony Diaz and Jeffery Ngayot- Sequan Felton tilts also had fight of the night quality action.

85 lb Tobias Smothers (St. John's) dec 2-1 Bobby Bruno (Casal's)
125 lb Alex Castellano (Victory) dec 3-0 Ben Samano (Westside)
145 lb Mitch Geles (Victory) rsc-2 Kyle Bennett (Thunder)
150 lb Anthony Woodruff (Westside) dec 3-0 Cody Thompson (Toronto)
115 lb Keith Torres (Casal's) dec 2-1 DeShawn Greer (RSM)
102 lb Jackson Krebs (Casals) dec 2-1 Anthony Diaz (PAL)
155 lb Quenton mcKnight (RSM) rsc-1 Mike Periso (UB)
125 lb Jake Ventry (Thunder) dec 2-1 Carlos Carrasquello (Westside)
70 lb Joe Krebs (Casal's) dec 3-0 Ja'den Ruth (RSM)
170 lb Tim Accedoin (UB) dec 3-0 Jonathan Bayron (RSM)
150 lb Zsolt Daranyi (Toronto) rsc-3 Brian Montes (Westside)
160 lb Mike Christopher (UB) dec 2-1 Tracy McGruder (RSM)
132 lb Sequan Felton (RSM) dec 2-1 Jeffrey Ngayot (Westside)


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