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NYS Golden Gloves completes second round.

NYS Golden Gloves completes second round.

Photo By Bob Caico

Mike Christopher and Mike Stevens

NYS Golden Gloves completes second round.

Photo By Bob Caico

Tim Akadoulou and Wilmont Wood

The second of four rounds of the New York State Golden Gloves was held February 22nd. Nineteen bouts went off with one boxer advancing by walk-over. The winners advance to the semi-final round which will be held Friday March 21st.


123 lb Hannah Krueger (UB) dec 3-0 Emily Oaks (KC Fitness)
132 lb Tyler Ross (UB) tko-2 Joe Clark (Terrie's Fitness)
132 lb William Russell (Rinaldi's) dec 3-0 Dustin Waldeck (Casal's)
178 lb Ty Better (Westside) ko-3 Daniel Mumford (Watertown)
178 lb Curtis Chaplan (Ultimate Athletic) tko-2 Watoli Rabil (KC's Fitness)
201 lb Thomas Koop (Lackawanna) dec 3-0 Gary Yuzbashev (Terri's Fitness)
201+ Winsom Robinson (St. John's) tko-2 Seth Wilks (Ultimate Athletic)

141 lb Frank Vargas (Rinaldi) dec 2-1 Miki Gaskin (Westside)
141 lb Elijah Johnson (Faith Hope) dec 2-1 Mitch Geles (Victory)
141 lb Jeremu Gashindi (Buffalo PAL) dec 3-0 Cody Zappone (Albany)
152 lb Derrell Boyd (Albany) dec 2-1 Tony Chao (Syracuse U.)
165 lb Connor Smith (UB) tko-3 Quinton McKnight (RSM)
165 lb Mark Horne (NWBCC) dec 3-0 Kamal James (Watertown)
201 lb Rex O'Corr (Elite Fitness) tko-3 Joshua Brown (Watertown)

141 lb Akmed Aliyev (NWBCC) WO Jonathan Badillio (Watertown)
141 lb Vinnie Denerio (Elmira) dec 2-1 Uciel Hernandez (Geneva)
152 lb Mike Stevens (Ross Thompson) dec 2-1 Mike Christopher (UB)
165 lb Wilmont Wood (RSM) dec 3-0 Tim Akadoulou (UB)
201+ Drew Grazadei (unattached) dec 2-1 Robert Hernandez (ROC Boxing)
201+ Duane Williams (Flare) dec 2-1 Eric Rogers (NWBCC)


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