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Golden Glove boxing continues in Buffalo

Golden Glove boxing continues in Buffalo

Photo By Bob Caico

Daniel DeJesus - Sequan Felton

Golden Glove boxing continues in Buffalo

Photo By Bob Caico

Joe Taylor - Bryce Stalhman

Photos by Bob Caico

The Buffalo Golden Glove State championships continued Friday night at the Tralf consisting of championship, semi-final and match bouts. The finals for other weight classes will be determined on Saturday April 26th. The open champions on that card in each weight class will be advancing to the Golden Gloves National Champions in Las Vegas on May 12-16.

State Champions in sub-novice:

132 lb William Russell (Rinaldi’s Boxing) dec 3-0 Tyler Russ (U.B.)
141 lb Valerie Aspaas (Victory) WO
152 lb Jarred Nosewicz (Ultimate Fitness) dec 3-0 Austin Phearsdrof (Seneca)
165 lb Yenser Perez (Rinaldi’s) dec 3-0 Ryan Nacastro (U.B.)

Semi-final Novice:

141 lb Elijah Johnson (Faith and Hope) dec 3-0 Jeremy Gashindi (PAL)
141 lb Devin Davis (Elite Fitness) dec 2-1 Francisco Vargas (Rinaldi’s)
201 lb Joe Taylor (WNY MMA) tko-2 Bryce Stalhman (Seneca Nation)

Semi-final Open:

132 lb Sequan Felton (RSM) dec 2-1 Daniel DeJesus (Westside)
141 lb Akmed Aliyev (NWBCC) dec 3-0 Vinnie Denierio (Elmira)

Match bouts:

123 lb Tyler Kruse (U.B.) dec 2-1 Angel Galarza (Westside)
132 lb Oscar Peralta (Rinaldi’s) dec 2-1 Jeffery Nguyot (Westside)
132 lb Dom Diaz (Westside) dec 3-0 Musa Mwbera (RSM)
178 lb Israel Heyward (Ultimate Fitness) tko-1 Derek Pershyn (Terri’s)


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