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St. John's amateur boxing results

St. John's amateur boxing results

Photo By Bob Caico

Woodruff and Ettipio

Photos by Bob Caico

The St. John International Boxing Program in Buffalo held an 11-bout card on July 19th. Darryl Graham put together a very competitive show featuring gyms from Dunkirk, Rochester, Canada, Syracuse, two gyms from Erie, PA and the Buffalo area. Destyn Hopkins and Norberto Lopez put on an exciting 125 lb battle that was voted fight of the night. There were more than one contest that had votes because of the desire and dedication of the boxers involved. There was no trophy for Fighter of the Night but Elan DeJesus, Anthony Diaz, Edgar Medera and Anthony Woodruff would have been in the running.

Elan DeJesus (Dunkirk) dec 2-1 Joe Reed (Flare Center)
Tim Akerobulou (U.B.) dec 3-0 Curtis Fisher (Faith & Hope)
Tatyanna Feliciano (Erie) dec 3-0 Mary Shaneyshak (Baden St.)
Anthony Diaz (Goomba's) dec 3-0 Masi Said (Clancy's)
Mark Staples (Eastside Buffalo) dec 2-1 Zalquon Anthony (Baden St.)
Edgar Medera (Future) dec 3-0 Gordon Kirkland (Erie)
Shamar Lutchman (Faith & Hope) dec 3-0 Mario Jamie (Eastside Erie)
Tyrell Harris (Erie) dec 2-1 Alex Dedovets (Goomba's)
Anthony Woodruff (Westside) dec 2-1 Donte Ettipio (Victory)
Devin Williams (Erie) dec 3-0 Donnie Marshall ( Bflo. PAL)
Destyn Hopkins (St. John's) dec 3-0 Norberto Lopez (Baden St.)


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