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What a Super Bowl!!!

 The Baltimore Ravens won their 2nd franchise Super Bowl last night beating the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 in a great game. Joe Flacco won Super Bowl MVP (22-33 287 and 3 TD’s finishing the postseason with 11 TD’s to 0 INT’s) so he gets to go to Disney world! 13 time Pro Bowler Ray Lewis finishes his illustrious NFL career going out on top by winning his 2nd Super Bowl championship. New Orleans native Jacoby Jones (2 TD’s one receiving the other on a kickoff), Arthur Jones (2 tackles and a sack), Anquan Bolden (104 yards receiving and a TD) and Louisiana native Ed Reed (5 tackles and an INT) stepped up huge for the Ravens.
The 49ers should of course be disappointed they lost the Super Bowl but they have a really bright future starting with their QB Colin Kaepernick who in only his 10th NFL start yesterday threw for 302 yards and ran for 62 more yards accounting for 2 TD’s and 1 INT. Colin almost orchestrated a 22-point comeback, which would have been the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history but it came one play short. On 4th and goal from the Ravens 5 yard line with 1:50 to go in the game and the play clock running down I have no idea why San Fran coach Jim Harbaugh or Kaepernick didn’t call timeout like they did the play before. It’s your last chance at winning a Super Bowl so you wouldn’t want to feel rushed on this final play but they were rushed. Kaepernick didn’t have time to slide his protection to the left to account for Ravens LB Dannell Ellerbe who showed he was blitzing late and forced Kaepernick into a quick fade throw to Crabtree that was unsuccessful (holding or pass interference is debatable and I’ll give you my opinion in the minute). As newly enshrined WR Cris Carter would say DE Aldon Smith “Where You At?!?!?” How does a player as talented as he is and someone who finished the year with 19. 5 sacks go sackless his last 6 games of his season? Definitely put him on the Milk Carton unless he tells us he has been fighting through a MAJOR injury since the Dolphins game where he had his last sack.
I know a lot of 49ers fans are a making a big deal on the no call on 4th and goal from the Ravens 5 yard line with 1:50 to go in the fourth quarter but I like the no call by Jermoe Boger’s crew. They had been letting the players play pretty freely and really physical the entire night and that is how it should be. No one hates games being decided by referees more than me. The game only had 7 accepted penalties in the entire game. That’s letting the players play! Don’t get me wrong, the last play could have been called holding on Ravens corner Jimmy Smith but refs can call holding on every play and I don’t think on that last offensive play for San Fran, holding should have been called. The refs were consisted with not calling many penalties so don’t expect them to bail you out in the end. I can respect that and I hope most fans agree with me as well. “The Fanatic”


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