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Buffalo Public Schools One Proud Team

Buffalo Public Schools One Proud Team

With all the bad press the Buffalo Public Schools have been facing in past weeks, it doesn’t stop them from offering a message of health and wellness, along with…teamwork in their school system. This year they brought that message to the 31st JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge.
It was the district’s second year in participating in the event. During the first year, hoping for at least 200 people, Executive Administrator Erin Comerford was shocked to see a total over 350 people showing up, from Teachers, Administration to Bus Drivers. This year even more showed up to make the Buffalo Public Schools the largest group at the event.
It all started with Comerford back a few years ago. Her and her school had a small group that wanted to run in support of their school but when Comerford went to central district, she turned that small group in to 475 runners.
“It’s a tough time in education with budget cuts and all the negatively, it’s a good event to bring people together and show we have team spite and that we have a good staff,” said Comerford.
With over 300 corporations in the event, being the largest group helps reinforce their message of teamwork and on the back of their shirts carried that message for all to see, “Excellence Through Teamwork”.
 “You can’t high-five yourself,” said Dr. James Williams, superintendent of the Buffalo Public School district, “You got to have a team to high-five.”
Maybe there’s more to teamwork then high-fiving. There are benefits.
Every year to take part in the challenge, you have to pay a fee of 30 dollars, but where does that money go? The funds raised go to a local charity that helps children in the Western New York area. By participating in the event, the school staff is…helping children outside the class room.
“It’s about giving back to the community,” said Drawn DiNatale, a school principal, but also another person who help put this together.
Along with helping the community, getting the word out about fitness and wellness well also important.
“We wanted to promote wellness, support exercising, good eating and taking care of yourself,” said DiNatale.
It seems to be important that both students and teacher need to live healthier life styles.
“The whole body and mind, it’s not just your body, it’s your mind,” said Executive Director of Athletics Aubrey Lloyd. “You fitness level is very important, this is the perfect way to get teacher and staff together to forces on our health for one evening.”
Hoping to make his staff better role models Lloyd came up with the design of the T-shirts the team wear during the race and got the tent where the team comes together before and after the race.
 “We serve the children and when we are happy and healthy the kids will be happy and healthy,” said Lloyd.
This once Phy Ed. now Executive Director of Athletics said his former Phy Ed. teacher is why he wanted to be one himself.
“He was the picture of health, he was basketball coach, football coach, He was always working out and I look up to him and I wanted to model him,” said Lloyd.
 Mark Angrisano, a teacher himself can agree. He himself wants to be that role model for his students. Who feels as you get older; it gets harder to keep in fit and with students asking you how he keeps fit all the time, Angrisano can’t laid-back now. So he bike and hike in his free time.
To promote healthier life styles the school has teamed up with Wegmans’, “Eat well, live well.” A program that measures how many step a person takes a day, which Health Related Service Director for schools Assunta Ventresca said people should take over 10,000 steps a day. She also thanks the Challenge for getting staff member to run or walk and being active as they got ready for the event.
“Healthy staff is better teachers, and role models,” said Ventresca.
No matter how you stay fit, raise money or get a message across, it’s good to know you are not doing it along and on June 9th the Buffalo Public School district came together as one large team.
“We’re family supporting family,” said DiNatale. “Buffalo Public Schools staff and faculty are a family.”
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