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Fantasy NBA Top 100

1 LeBron James - Does it all, and does it all well
2 Kevin Durant - Best scorer in the league, boosts your percentages
3 Russell Westbrook - Gets the nod over other PG’s due to supporting cast
4 Derrick Rose - Was last year his ceiling?
5 Chris Paul - Would be my top PG if not for injuries
6 Dwayne Wade - When he plays point, his value is off the charts
7 Amar’e Stoudemire - STAT is finally motivated
8 Monta Ellis - Not consistent daily, but season stats are elite
9 Kobe Bryant - Minutes can be controlled, but Black Mamba will produce
10 Deron Williams - Elite talent on below average team
11 Kevin Love - Next to Stoudemire he is the most well rounded big
12 Dwight Howard - Frusterating to own, but dominates in rebounds/FG %
13 Rajon Rondo - Celtics best player will have his biggest role yet
14 Pau Gasol - Skilled big man; love his passing ability
15 Steph Curry - Assists will be there, percentages are tremendous
16 LeMarcus Aldridge - Teams top option, true PG will help
17 Tyreke Evans - Live with the percentages, he does everything else well
18 Carmelo Anthony - Elite scorer, fills up only specific categories but does it well
19 John Wall - Team moving in right direction, he can be erratic at times
20 Zach Randolph - Playoff monster has found his niche in Memphis
21 Andre Iguodala - Quietly does a bit of everything on a young but talented squad
22 Blake Griffin - Unless SportsCenter highlights count, he will be overpriced this year
23 Steve Nash - Trade would only increase his value
24 Brook Lopez - Top 3 C in the game, will score more with Williams in town
25 Dirk Nowitzki - NBA title doesn’t make him more valuable, don’t reach
26 Brandon Jennings - A move off of PG would help, he’s a true scorer more than a creator
27 Tony Parker - Aging supporting cast will increase the Frenchmen’s fantasy ceiling
28 Josh Smith - Contributes everywhere, super human athleticism
29 Carlos Boozer - Will be much better than last years disappointment
30 Raymond Felton - Portland is a contendar, and he’s the ring leader
31 Luis Scola - Not a sexy name, but his production is consistent
32 Eric Gordon - Showed some signs of growth last year, will continue ot improve
33 Al Jefferson - Love the talent, hate the situation
34 Joe Johnson - Signed big deal, and it is time to bring home the bacon
35 David Lee - Playing PF would help his fantasy stock
36 Kevin Martin - Points in bunches, injury risk is worrisome
37 Chris Bosh - Year 2 of the “Dream Team”will go better
38 Andrea Bargani - Not a true C, but offers unique value
39 Danny Granger - What’s not to like? 23-5 lock, with potential to do more
40 DeMarcus Cousins - Has physical tools to be best prospect from his UK team
41 Rudy Gay - Emergence of Randolph should give him room to work
42 David West - Value relies on CP3, return to 20-8 wouldn’t shock me
43 Jrue Holiday - Ceiling is high, but will have his share of bumps in the road
44 Al Horford - Hawks very athletic front line may limit Horford’s potential
45 Andray Blatche - Will grow with Wall, lot of room to improve
46 Lamar Odom - Versatile skill set makes him a good match for most rosters
47 Devin Harris - Solid set of big men will increase his assist totals
48 Jason Kidd - Old reliable will offer good 3 point and assist numbers
49 Paul Milsap - Will battle with Jefferson for rebounds, but can produce if at C
50 Mike Conely - Memphis can score, and he’s bringing the ball up
51 Paul Pierce - Decline coming sooner rather than later, don’t pay for the name
52 Chauncey Billups - Big Shot knows his role, and will flourish as the third banana in NY
53 Micahel Beasley - Love the T-Wolves in a fantasy sense, Beasley the main contributor
54 DJ Augustine - Talented individual, but team lacks talent to move him to high
55 Luol Deng - More useful to the Bulls than to you, but still is under appreciated
56 Joakim Noah - Does the dirty work, and always finds a way to benefit his owners
57 Gerald Wallace - A poor mans version of Josh Smith
58 Greg Monroe - Has the physical build to have increasing impact
59 Andrew Bogut - When healthy, he is a stud
60 Kyle Lowry - Not a bad PG option after the top options are gone
61 Manu Ginobili - Reckless at times, but a top 50 player when at full strength
62 Andre Miller - Always a viable option, know exactly what you’re getting
63 Darren Collison - Basketball’s version of Michael Young: safe option under the radar
64 Marc Gasol - Received the toughness gene that Pau missed out on
65 Elton Brand - Young team will lean on his leadership
66 Roy Hibbert - Cheap source of rebounds and blocks
67 Jameer Nelson - Two responsibilities: score or throw ball near rim
68 Jose Calderon - Great percentages and assist numbers North of the border
69 Rodney Stucky - Pistons struggles will not be his fault
70 Wesley Matthews - Don’t hesistate to pull the trigger after big improvement in 2010
71 Andrew Bynum - Another injury risk, count on him being a force for 45-50 games
72 Steven Jackson - Nice fit in the Bucks offense
73 Marcus Thorton - Should grow alongside backcourt mate Evans
74 Chris Kaman - Good source of rebounds, and plenty of Geico Cavemen jokes
75 Ray Allen - Always room for the best shooter of all time
76 Mo Williams - Will distribute to potentially explosive Clipper teammates
77 Dorrell Wright - Another shooter who can single handedly win you a week or two
78 James Harden - Pride of ASU will continue to flourish as Thunders third option
79 Kevin Garnett - Still has something left to offer
80 Ty Lawson - Carolina product beginning to get comfortable
81 Tim Duncan - I refuse to bet against him until he hangs them up, he won’t hurt you
82 Brandon Roy - Bargain if healthy
83 Serge Ibaka - Will help in prototypical big man categories
84 Caron Butler - If healthy, it’s hard to turn down a teams second option this late
85 DeMar DeRozan - Athleticism causes mismatches every night
86 Jeff Green - Playing time not a concern as C’s need youth
87 Danillo Gallinari - Percentage stabilizer with range for days
88 Nick Young - Really came on strong last year, make sure to keep a tab on him
89 Baron Davis - Puts up numbers across the board if given the chance
90 Nene - Aggressive rebounder will score more this year
91 Marcin Gortat - Is there a better big in Phoneix? This is his chance to emerge
92 DeJaun Blair - Duncan’s decreasing minutes will go directly to Blair
93 Ricky Rubio - Bought his stock in 2009, preparing to wreep the benefits
94 Antwan Jamision - The addition of Davis for an entire season can only help
95 Jason Terry - Has a defined role on a great team, safe option
96 Grant Hill - Finds a way to define logic when healthy, Nash trusts him
97 Evan Turner - Thrown into the fire last year, will benefit this year
98 Tyler Hansbrough - Does he feel like a more talented version of Tebow to anybody else?
99 JR Smith - When he gets hot, no one is better
100 Mike Bibby - Who ever stars at PG will be a viable option in South Beach


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