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NBA Playoff Preview

By Julian Radney

I like the Knicks in 6 games over the Celtics. The Knicks will win because Carmelo Anthony is the best player on either team and is playing at the highest level of his career. Carmelo will get out of the first round for the 2nd time in 11 seasons. I like the Warriors over the Nuggets in 6 games. The Warriors will win because of coach Mark Jackson’s coaching ability to put his young backcourt Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in great shooting positions. The front court of the Warriors is finally fully intact who I think will win the battle of the bigs with Kenneth Faried hurt. I like the Bulls in 7 games over Brooklyn. The Bulls are a scrappy team and as I think the Nets are a more talented team, I think the Bulls have more heart and will find a way to pull the series away from Deron Williams and Joe Johnson’s Nets. I like the Clippers over the Grizzles in 7 games. The Clippers will win in a hard fought series because they are deeper than the Grizzles. I like Pacers over the Hawks in 5 games. Indiana is just a better team and it will show in this series. Indiana is in a different league than Atlanta. I really hope I am wrong on this next one because I am a huge Lakers fan but I like the Spurs over the Lakers in 6 games. The Spurs will win the series because the perimeter shooting of the Spurs over the entire series will be too much scoring for the Lakers to keep up with without the Black Mamba. I like the Heat over the Bucks in 4 games. Is this even a real series? The NBA should just cancel the series and have the Heat wait to play the winner of the Bulls-Brooklyn. Milwaukee doesn’t even deserve to play on the same court as the Heat! I like the Thunder over the Rockets in 5 games. In the James Harden reunion, I think James Harden will show the world what OKC is missing by having a series where he averages 25-30 points, 6-8 assists and 4-6 rebounds per game. The Thunder are just took good overall though. Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka will depose of the Rockets relatively easily. “The Fanatic”


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