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Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call

Bills vs. Brady

This week Buffalo goes against the New England Patriots. The Bills are 2-0 after beating the Chiefs 41-7 and the Raiders in a 4th quarter thriller 38-35. With New England this week, the Bills will play their “kryptonite” for the past decade or so. Buffalo has not been able to beat the Patriots in over 10 games at home. The last time Buffalo had a real shot was 2009 home opener where Bills blew an 11 point lead in the 4th quarter with the final collapse coming on Leodis Mckelvin’s fumble on the kick return which the Patriots recovered and later scored to win the game.
Going into this week the Patriots are coming off their 2nd win and are 2-0 as well. They beat Miami week one 38-24 with a record breaking performance by Tom Brady throwing for 517 yards.  Last week they beat the Chargers 35-21 with another great game by Tom Brady throwing for 423 yards.
Both teams are coming into this week with confidence but the media is blowing the Bills into a playoff contending team. The Bills haven’t made the playoffs in over a decade and the only two teams to do that are the Bills and Lions. The last time the Bills were even 2-0 to start the season was 2008. They started 4-0 and people jumped on the Bills bandwagon only to go 7-9 to finish the season missing the playoffs. I want the Bills to beat a great team like the Patriots before I consider them playoff -ready which makes this week a big game. Especially with the Bills, Jets, and Patriots all 2-0, any conference game counts way more than any other games they will play throughout the season.
So if the Bills are going to win against the Patriots what is the key? Ball control and turnovers! With the Patriots passing game on fire, the last thing the Bills need is New England having too many chances to get in the end zone. Turnovers are a key because the Bills will need to control field position and have the Patriots constantly needing 80 yard drives to score instead of throwing an interception or fumbling and giving them a short field. On offense they need to keep it simple: passes and let the playmakers make a play, like Steve Johnson, Fred Jackson or even C.J. Spiller. Getting up on the score board would be great of course, but I would try to get the New England defense tired. Getting the D-linemen to have to run around would be ideal.  By calling toss plays – even if they don’t make many yards – those linemen like Vince Wilfork, Albert Haynesworth (if he plays), Shaun Ellis, will have to run.  Hopefully by the 3rd/4th quarter the defense will be tired and the Bills speed at WR and RB could take over the 2nd half of the game. Also, by doing this conservative play style you could stay on offense longer which would keep the Bills with ball control and hopefully field position. If the Bills do this, I think the Bills could pull off the upset 31-27. If they don’t, the game could get ugly fast and then I’d say it might be a 48-30 Pats victory.


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