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Amateur Boxing at the Flare - Story

Posted by BobCaico on March 8, 2014 - 5:03pm

A six bout amateur boxing fight card was held Saturday March 8th at the Flare center in Buffalo, NY. A team from Canada was unable to make it and that caused an abbreviated yet competitive show. Teams included Buffalo Westside, Rochester St. Martin's, Victory Gym, U.B. Boxing, and Untouchable Boxing Academy of Cleveland, OH. The Fight of the Night was awarded to the Alex Castellano-Ra'keed Pittman go.

120 lb Angel Galarza (Westside) dec 3-0 Musa Mberwa (RSM)
125 lb Alex Castellano (Victory) dec 2-1 Ra'Keed Pittman (Cleveland)
95 lb Deandrew Williams (Cleveland) dec 2-1 Niasheen Williams (RSM)
178 lb Ty Betler (Westside) dec 3-0 Java Reeves (RSM)
125 lb D'Andre Hockerson (RSM) dec 2-1 Robert Fitch (Cleveland)
165 lb Conner Smith (U.B.) dec 2-1 Tracy McGruder (RSM)

Turning Stone - Photo

Posted by Bob Caico on March 7, 2014 - 10:04am


Turning Stone - Photo

Posted by Bob Caico on March 7, 2014 - 10:00am


NYS Golden Gloves completes second round. - Story

Posted by Bob Caico on February 23, 2014 - 4:49pm

The second of four rounds of the New York State Golden Gloves was held February 22nd. Nineteen bouts went off with one boxer advancing by walk-over. The winners advance to the semi-final round which will be held Friday March 21st.


123 lb Hannah Krueger (UB) dec 3-0 Emily Oaks (KC Fitness)
132 lb Tyler Ross (UB) tko-2 Joe Clark (Terrie's Fitness)
132 lb William Russell (Rinaldi's) dec 3-0 Dustin Waldeck (Casal's)
178 lb Ty Better (Westside) ko-3 Daniel Mumford (Watertown)
178 lb Curtis Chaplan (Ultimate Athletic) tko-2 Watoli Rabil (KC's Fitness)
201 lb Thomas Koop (Lackawanna) dec 3-0 Gary Yuzbashev (Terri's Fitness)
201+ Winsom Robinson (St. John's) tko-2 Seth Wilks (Ultimate Athletic)

141 lb Frank Vargas (Rinaldi) dec 2-1 Miki Gaskin (Westside)
141 lb Elijah Johnson (Faith Hope) dec 2-1 Mitch Geles (Victory)
141 lb Jeremu Gashindi (Buffalo PAL) dec 3-0 Cody Zappone (Albany)
152 lb Derrell Boyd (Albany) dec 2-1 Tony Chao (Syracuse U.)
165 lb Connor Smith (UB) tko-3 Quinton McKnight (RSM)
165 lb Mark Horne (NWBCC) dec 3-0 Kamal James (Watertown)
201 lb Rex O'Corr (Elite Fitness) tko-3 Joshua Brown (Watertown)

141 lb Akmed Aliyev (NWBCC) WO Jonathan Badillio (Watertown)
141 lb Vinnie Denerio (Elmira) dec 2-1 Uciel Hernandez (Geneva)
152 lb Mike Stevens (Ross Thompson) dec 2-1 Mike Christopher (UB)
165 lb Wilmont Wood (RSM) dec 3-0 Tim Akadoulou (UB)
201+ Drew Grazadei (unattached) dec 2-1 Robert Hernandez (ROC Boxing)
201+ Duane Williams (Flare) dec 2-1 Eric Rogers (NWBCC)

2014 NY State Golden Gloves first round results - Story

Posted by Bob Caico on January 27, 2014 - 4:30pm

The first round of the New York State Golden Gloves championships were held on January 25th at the Tralf Music Hall in downtown Buffalo. Fights were contested in the sub-novice, novice and open classes. A standing room only crowd witnessed 21 fights with boxers from Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Watertown, Syracuse, Albany, Dutchess County, Salamanca and Rochester. Winners of the bouts advance in the tournament. Not all weight classes or boxers participated in the opening round. The second round of competition also to be held at the Tralf is scheduled for Saturday February 22nd.

Sub-novice class:
141 lb Tyrell Taylor (Watertown) dec 3-0 Mike Williams (Casal's boxing)
152 lb Austin Phearsdrof (Seneca Nation) dec 3-0 Tyler Baxter (KC'S Fitness)
152 lb Jarred Nosewicz (Frank Alagna) dec 2-1 Tyrese Jackson (U.B.)
165 lb Dan Power (Team Precision) dec 2-1 Isreal Heyward (Frank Alagna)
165 lb Joshua Hilson (Inspire) dec 2-1 Jacob McKinnon (Terri's Fitness)
165 lb Ryan Nacastro (U.B.) tko-2 Tyryn Hamilton (Casal's Boxing)
123 lb Hanna Krueger (U.B.) dec 3-0 Felicia Ramallo (ROC Boxing)

Novice class:
165 lb Quinton McKnight (RSM) tko-1 Ernest Richardson (Watertown)
165 lb Mark Horne (NWBCC) dec 3-0 Scott Baker (Albany City Boxing)
201 lb Joshua Brown (Watertown) tko-2 Adam Morrell (KC's Fitness)
201 lb Joe Taylor (WNY MMA) tko-2 Rich Barlog (Terri's Fitness)
201 lb Bryce Stahlman (Salamanca) dec 2-1 Alex Dedovets (Buffalo PAL)

Open class:
132 lb Sequan Felton (RSM) dec 3-0 Josh Beckford (Albany City Boxing)
132 lb Jeffrey Nguyot (Westside) dec 2-1 Oscar Peralta (Rinaldi's Boxing)
132 lb Daniel DeJesus (Westside) dec 2-1 Mike Vega (Casal's Boxing)
141 lb Trevon Hopkins (unattached) dec 3-0 Jack Grady (Ross Thompson)
152 lb Mike Stevens (Ross Thompson) dec 3-0 Jeremiah Jones (Faith & Hope)
152 lb Mike Christopher (U.B.) dec 3-0 Charles Garner (Buffalo PAL)
152 lb Luis Vargas (Rinaldi's Boxing) dec 3-0 Tracy McGruder (RSM)
165lb Tim Akadoulou (U.B.) dec 3-0 Omar Osmen (ROC Boxing)
165 lb Jimmy Garcia (Rinaldi's Boxing) dec 3-0 Donald Marshall (Ross Thompson)

Amateur Boxing takes center stage. - Story

Posted by Bob Caico on November 24, 2013 - 12:57pm

The Tralf Nightclub in downtown Buffalo was the venue for a 16 amateur boxing card hosted by Diaab Entertainment and sponsored by Carubba Collision on Saturday November 23rd. The fight of the night was awarded to Daniel Dejesus and Akmad Aliyev.

132 lb Musa Mberwa (St. Martin's) dec 3-0 Derrick Allio (Geneva Boxing)
141 lb Sam Rodriguez (Roc Boxing) dec 2-1 Angel Vega (Jamestown YMCA)
110 lb Marcus Floyd (Buffalo PAL) dec 3-0 Parris Davis (St. Martin's)
141 lb Jose Hernandez (ROC Boxing) rsc-3 Kevin Diaz (Jamestown YMCA)
141 lb Houshuan Sambolin (ROC Boxing) dec 3-0 Matt Ventry (Thunder Boxing)
132 lb Ben Serrano (Buffalo Westside) dec 3-0 Malick Stanley (NWBCC)
141 lb Mike Hadjad (NWBCC) dec 3-0 Carl Davis (Thunder Boxing)
152lb Anthony Woodruff (Westside) dec 2-1 Mark Renza (Sweet Science)
141 lb Uciel Hernandez (Geneva) dec 2-1 Bryan Montes-Camacho (Westside)
165 lb Tim Akadoulou (U.B.) dec 3-0 Tracey McGruder (St. Martin's)
132lb Tyler Ross (U.B.) rsc-3 Daniel Colt Collins (NWBCC)
141 lb Dante Palmer (Lackawanna Boxing) dec 3-0 Jeffrey Ngayot (Westside)
165lb Ryan Nicastro (U.B.) rsc-2 Ryan Piazza (Thunder Boxing)
201 lb Adam Morrell (KC's Fitness) rtm-2 Alberto Mercado (Westside)
141 lb Daniel Dejesus (Westside) dec 2-1 Akmad Aliyev (NWBCC)
178lb Lawrence King (ROC Boxing) dec 3-0 Montell Jones (Eastside Boxing PA.)

West Side Amateur Boxing - Story

Posted by Bob Caico on October 6, 2013 - 11:31am

West Side Boxing Club from Buffalo hosted an amateur card at the Matthew Glab Post in Lackawanna on October 5th. Thirteen bouts featured clubs from Rochester St. Martin's, Toronto, Casal's, St. John's, UB, Thunder Boxing, Victory and Buffalo PAL. Fight of the Night was awarded to Jake Ventry and Carlos Carresquello for their back and forth fight. Jackson Krebs-Anthony Diaz and Jeffery Ngayot- Sequan Felton tilts also had fight of the night quality action.

85 lb Tobias Smothers (St. John's) dec 2-1 Bobby Bruno (Casal's)
125 lb Alex Castellano (Victory) dec 3-0 Ben Samano (Westside)
145 lb Mitch Geles (Victory) rsc-2 Kyle Bennett (Thunder)
150 lb Anthony Woodruff (Westside) dec 3-0 Cody Thompson (Toronto)
115 lb Keith Torres (Casal's) dec 2-1 DeShawn Greer (RSM)
102 lb Jackson Krebs (Casals) dec 2-1 Anthony Diaz (PAL)
155 lb Quenton mcKnight (RSM) rsc-1 Mike Periso (UB)
125 lb Jake Ventry (Thunder) dec 2-1 Carlos Carrasquello (Westside)
70 lb Joe Krebs (Casal's) dec 3-0 Ja'den Ruth (RSM)
170 lb Tim Accedoin (UB) dec 3-0 Jonathan Bayron (RSM)
150 lb Zsolt Daranyi (Toronto) rsc-3 Brian Montes (Westside)
160 lb Mike Christopher (UB) dec 2-1 Tracy McGruder (RSM)
132 lb Sequan Felton (RSM) dec 2-1 Jeffrey Ngayot (Westside)

WWE Battleground: Ryback Brings his Appetite for Destruction to Buffalo - Story

Posted by Ivan on October 4, 2013 - 3:23pm

WWE Battleground PPV: Ryback Brings His Appetite for Destruction to Buffalo

By Ivan the Impaler
Reprinted from Sports & Leisure Magazine, October 2013.

Turning Stone 8.23.13 - Photo

Posted by Bob Caico on August 24, 2013 - 12:55pm

Turning Stone 8.23.13

Turning Stone 8.23.13 - Photo

Posted by Bob Caico on August 24, 2013 - 12:54pm

Turning Stone 8.23.13

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