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Turning Stone Boxing 8.23.13 - Photo

Posted by BobCaico on August 24, 2013 - 12:52pm

Turning Stone

Amateur Boxing event at Casal's Boxing Club - Story

Posted by Bob Caico on June 30, 2013 - 11:13am

An entertaining 16-bout amateur card was hosted by Casal's Boxing club in Niagara Falls Saturday night. Matchmaker Ray Casal put on his usual very competitive show with boxers from 12 different clubs in every weight class. On a night where many bouts could have been given the declaration of Fight of the Night the ladies bout between Brianna Smith and Mikiah Krebs was awarded the honors.

Keith Gordon (Casal's) dec 3-0 Mike Gangemi (ROC Boxing)
Dayvene Williams (Jamestown) dec 3-0 Josie Ostrowski (Casal's)
Mike Bostic (St. Martin's) dec 3-0 Eddie Torres (Dunkirk)
Tyler Russ (Goomba Boxing) rsc 1 Nico Torres (Dunkirk)
Tracy McGruder (St. Martin's) dec 2-1 Connor Smith (UB)
Sequan Felton (St. Martin's) dec 2-1 Jeffrey Ngayot (Westside Boxing)
Eliah Austin (Casal's) rtm-3 Java Reeves (St. Martin's)
Alex Castellano (Victory) dec 2-1 Elon DeJesus (Dunkirk)
Joey Krebs (Casal's) dec 2-1 Yomar Rosa (Westside)
Paris Davis (St. Martin's) rsc-3 Jackson Krebs (Casal's)
Dakota Ogdenski (St. Martin's) dec 3-0 Gerrad Ryan (St. Catherine's)
Genio Violanti (Casal's) rsc-1 Nate Mohawk (Salamanca)
Donnie Marshall (Westside) dec 3-0 Tim Akadulu (UB)
Mark Renza (Sweet Science) dec 3-0 Ron Bulls (Westside)
Brianna Smith (Casal's) dec 3-0 Mikiah Kreps (Westside)
K'Shawn Agee (Casal's) dec 2-1 Dominic Diaz (Westside)

NY State Golden Gloves 2nd round - Story

Posted by Bob Caico on February 17, 2013 - 2:33pm

The second round of the NY State Golden Gloves tournament was held on February 16th at The Tralf in downtown Buffalo. The card featured 20 bouts in the open, novice and sub novice classes. The first round of 22 fights in January had four open class contests while the second round featured six more. Open class State champions have the opportunity to go to the national championships. The results of the second round open class winners are as follows;

D'Andre Hockerson(St. Martin's) dec 5-0 Hassan Outley (Syracuse Boxing)
Oscar Peralta (Syracuse Boxing) dec 5-0 Abraham Nova (Faragon Boxing))
Will Madera (Albany City) rsc -2 Vinnie Denerio (Elmira)
Briana Smith (Casal's) dec 3-2 Mikiah Kreps (Inspire)
Sequan Felton (St. Martin's) dec 4-1 Joe Shell (Geneva)
Lane Thatcher (Roc Boxing) dec 5-0 Taylor Atkinson (UB)

Novice class results:

Ahmad Allyev (Buffalo NWCC) dec 5-0 Paul Maley (Team Precision)
Charles Garner (St. John's) dec 5-0 Christan Colon (Westside Boxing)
Duane Williams (Bomb Squad) rsc- 2 Dakota Witkopf (Thunder Boxing)

Other results:

Kamari Hodrick (St. Martin's) rsc-2 Ryan Higgins (Victory Gym)
Dominic Diaz (Westside Boxing) dec 4-1 Tyler Cruz (UB)
Petrit Daka (Team Precision) dec 5-0 Corderal Thompson (Bomb Squad)
Mike Parilla (Syracuse) rtm-1 Nick Sciandra (Buffalo NWCC)
Mike L. Stevens (Victory Gym) dec 4-1 Anthony Wadsworth (Westside Boxing)
Rondy Bulls (Westside Boxing) dec 5-0 Tim Akeredolu (UB)
Adam Morrell (KC's Fitness) rsc-3 Jeremiah Jones (Casal's)
Alvis Colon (Westside Boxing) dec 4-1 Joe Tardibouno (Casal's)
Vincent Brown (St. Martin's) dec 5-0 Kevin Kirby (Victory)
Eric Oberdrof (Geneva) dec 4-1 Ruben Lipkind (Buffalo NWCC)
Jeremiah Jones (Syracuse Boxing) dec 5-0 Usiel Hernandez (Geneva)

Buffalo GG - Photo

Posted by Bob Caico on February 17, 2013 - 2:30pm


Buffalo GG - Photo

Posted by Bob Caico on February 17, 2013 - 2:30pm


2013 New York State Golden Gloves - Photo

Posted by Bob Caico on January 13, 2013 - 10:32am

2013 Golden Gloves

2013 NYS Golden Gloves 1st round results - Story

Posted by Bob Caico on January 13, 2013 - 10:27am

The first leg of the New York State Golden Gloves championships was held on January 12 at the Tralf Music Club in downtown Buffalo. Twenty two bouts were held in the sub-novice, novice and open classes. The tournament will continue at the Tralf on February 16, March 30 and April 27 with the winners in each weight and class becoming the 2013 NY State Golden Gloves champions. The open division winners will advance to the national Golden Gloves tournament in Salt Lake City, Utah May 11-18th. Four preliminary open bouts were held on the first night. Joe Shell of the Geneva Boxing Club defeated Daniel DeJesus of the Buffalo Westside Boxing Club by 5-0 decision in the 132 pound weight class. Jimmy Garcia of Syracuse Boxing also won by a 5-0 decision over Omar Osman of Roc Boxing in the 165 pound division. Lackawanna Boxing Club's Dante Palmer, a former state GG champion, advanced in the 141 pound division with a narrow 3-2 decision over Jack Grady of the UB boxing team. The main event featured the 201+ division contest between Patrick Thompson of WNY MMA trying to unseat the 2012 champion Drew Graziadei of Casal's Boxing. In what would be the fight of the evening Thompson received the 3-2 decision in a hard fought three round-three minute battle which see-sawed throughout. Thompson's body work was the difference in the very close bout and he will advance to the next round on February 16th. Other class winners are as follows:

Eric Velez (Victory Gym) dec 5-0 Hamza Khan (Endicott Boys Club) 132 lb sub-nov
Mitch Geles (Victory Gym) dec 5-0 Anton McKinney (St. John's) 141 lb sub nov
Anthony Woodworth (Westside) rsc-1 Ryan Mitchell (Ashport, NY) 152 lb sub-nov
Christian Colon (Westside) dec 4-1 Kevin Diaz (Jamestown YMCA) 141 lb sub-nov
Rondy Bulls (Westside) dec 3-2 Dan Power (Team Precision) 165 lb sub-nov
Alvis Colon (Westside) dec 5-0 Amos Pagan (St. Martin) 141 lb sub-nov
Charles Garner (St. John's) rsc-1 (injury) Donte Ettipio (WNY MMA) 141 lb novice
Kamari Hodrick (St. Martin) dec 5-0 Anthony Sciandra (NWBCC) 132 lb sub-nov
Keith Linsay (Inspire Boxing) dec 3-2 Alex Dedovets (Victory) 201 lb novice
Kevin Kirby (Terri's Fitness) dec 5-0 Frank White (Lackawanna Boxing) 201 lb sub-nov
Mark Renza (Sweet Science) dec 4-1 Uciel Hernandez (Geneva) 152 lb novice
Joe Tardibuono (Casal's) rtm-1 Najer Sanford (St. Martin) 141 lb sub-nov
Petrit Daka (Team Precision) dec 3-2 Nolan Smith (Casal's) 201+ sub-nov
Tim Akeredolu (UB) dec 4-1 Antwan Thomas (Thunder Boxing) 165 lb sub-nov
David Rivera (DeLeon) rsc-1 John Joy (Team Precision) 165 lb novice
Duane Williams (Flare) dec 5-0 Aaron Onyon (Basilio Boxing) 201+ novice
Corderal Thompson (Flare) rsc-1 Angel Velasquez (Westside) 201+ sub-nov

Amateur team tournament finals - Story

Posted by Bob Caico on December 1, 2012 - 9:29am

The Friday Night Fights Invitational team tournament concluded at the LUX niteclub on November 30th. The third and final card consisted of only five bouts but each one was very competitive and exciting to witness. The team trophy for most wins over the course of the tournament (37 total) went to the Buffalo Northwest Community Center which is run by the host of the event, Don Patterson. The NWCC team won six fights and they were followed by Rochester’s St. Martin’s, the University of Buffalo Boxing Club and the Westside Boxing Club of Buffalo with four wins a piece. The results of last night’s bouts as follows:

Jack Grady (UB) dec 3-0 Mike Hajdaj (NWCC)

Jake Ventry (Thunder Boxing) rsc-2 Josh Latore (Eastside Boxing-Erie)

Eric Plumeri (Westside) dec 2-1 Lane Thatcher (ROC Boxing)

Nick Bayer (Casal’s Boxing) dec 2-1 Omar Osman (ROC

Dennis Romanowski (NWCC) rtm-2 Larry McGinn (ROC Boxing)

Amateur Boxing at the LUX - Story

Posted by Bob Caico on November 10, 2012 - 12:33pm

The LUX nightclub in downtown Buffalo hosted the second in a three card series of amateur boxing on November 9th. The Invitational tournament will conclude on Friday November 30th also at the LUX. The team with the most wins after the three Friday night cards will take home the championship trophy. The latest 15-bout show featured boxers from Rochester (Roc, Baden, St. Martin’s), Buffalo (Westside, PAL, UB, Terri’s, Northwest CC), Syracuse, Hamilton (Steeltown) Erie (Eastside) and Niagara Falls (Casal’s, Inspire, Thunder). The standings as of November 9th after 32 bouts show the Buffalo NWCC in the lead with five wins followed by Rochester St. Martin’s with four and Eastside, Westside, Steeltown and U.B. close behind with three wins apiece. Abraham Memom (165 lbs) of Erie is the individual leader with a 2-0 record. Results of the second round:

Gregory O’Neal (St. Martin’s) dec 2-1 Marcus Floyd (PAL)
Charles Williams (Eastside) dec 3-0 Joe Krebs (Casal’s)
Sheldon Wilcox (Steeltown) dec2-1 K’Shawn Agee (Casal’s)
James Canty (St. Martin’s) dec 2-1 Kyle Bennett (Thunder)
Daniel DeJesus (Westside) dec 2-1 Oscar Peralta (Syracuse)
Tyler Kruz (UB) dec 2-1 Austin Treat (Roc Boxing)
Abraham Memon (Eastside) dec 2-1 Saadiq Muhammad (Roc Boxing)
Jack Grady (UB) dec 3-0 Mike Hajdaj (NWCC)
Jamal Dabney (NWCC) dec 2-1 Mike Vega (Casal’s)
Eric Plumeri (Westside) dec 3-0 Brian Stevenson (Steeltown)
Tim Akeredou (UB) dec 3-0 Danny Danzy (Baden)
Jeremiah Jones (Syracuse) dec 3-0 Bryan Camacho (Westside)
Lane Thatcher (Roc boxing) dec 3-0 Connor Smith (UB)
Josh O’Reilly (Steeltown) dec 2-1 Jeffrey Ngayot (Westside)
Keith Linsay (Inspire) dec 3-0 Rich Barlog (Terri’s)

Amateur Boxing at the LUX - Story

Posted by Bob Caico on November 10, 2012 - 12:29pm

Coach Dean of the University of Buffalo Boxing team belts out instructions.

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