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Bills Make Quarterback Change: Kyle Orton To Start Sunday

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Bills Make Quarterback Change: Kyle Orton To Start Sunday

Courtesy CBS Sports

EJ Manuel's Flawed Release = Inaccurate Throws = NFL Release

After yesterday's 23 -17 loss to the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium the Buffalo Bills can no longer avoid the obvious staring at them from their quarterback position. Quarterback EJ Manuel is not a starting quarterback in the National Football League and would even struggle as a backup in the league. The Bills have lost the last two games, games they could have won had they had adequate quarterback play. It's not the interceptions late in the game or even the continued mental mistakes with timeouts, two minute drills, pocket awareness i.e. throwing the ball away without getting flagged for grounding, that are the main faults in Manuel's play. He obviously, simply is consistently inaccurate in throwing the football, especially throws down the field more than 15 yards. He is NOT an NFL caliber passer. It does not take an NFL General Manager, scout, or offensive co-ordinator/quarterback coach; no, the average football fan who watches weekly can critique Manuel's 30+ throws each game. Last weeks game against the Chargers and yesterday afternoon against the Texans again highlighted his major flaw. His inability to make basic NFL throws in the deep middle, along the sideline in the 20 - 30 yard range, or on fly or go patterns has been painfully evident especially in the last two losses to the Chargers and Texans. The receivers, especially Sammy Watkins are getting more and more frustrated with passes too low, high, and out of reach exposing them to dangerous hits by defenders. I don't think I have ever seen a quarterback over throw the ball out of bounds on sideline or deep throws as many times as Manuel in the last two years. It was painful watching the quarterback play throughout the game; two quarterbacks, Ryan Fitzpatrick and EJ Manuel, who both have been starters for the Bills in the past three years. You have to scratch your head and wonder how Fitzpatrick has lasted this long and at the age of 31 is still starting for the Texans. Manuel, the 16th pick in the 2013 NFL draft further boggles the mind and both quarterbacks point to the totally inept front office and scouting department resulting in the player personnel evaluations coming from One Bills Drive. Granted, Nathaniel Hackett has not helped the development of EJ and his play calling reminds me of some of the high school games I've attended recently in Rochester. Run, run, and throw on third down. No imagination in his play calling and absolutely no challenging the defense in the deep middle and deep outside third part of the field. But Hackett, like head Coach Doug Marrone must have come to the same conclusion as I have, although I came out the day EJ was drafted that it was a major mistake in drafting him 16th overall. The offense Hackett has schemed for his quarterback is at best some pared down version of a West Coast offense with swing passes to the running backs, flat and crossing patterns to the wide receivers and tight end all in the 5 to 7 yard range. Easy to defend and more importantly allowing defenses to stack the box with seven defenders and shut down the Bills running game daring the Bills to show any attempt or inclination to throw the ball downfield. Deep middle and outside third on both sidelines are the bread and butter of any NFL passing game and the other 31 teams in the league seem to know this. The Bills however, are the exception, seemingly accepting of the fact that they have made their 5th quarterback evaluation mistake in the past 15 years - Johnson, Losman, Edwards, Fitzpatrick and Manuel. Ironically this should result in new owner Terry Pegula cleaning house. Going forward this season the Bills will struggle to win six games and Pegula must consider cleaning house and rebuilding not only his coaching staff but his front office. General Manager Russ Brandon, given his track record with football decisions for the franchise should join Doug Marrone and Nathaniel Hackett on the unemployment line.
Those who say Manuel should be evaluated after this season and that 2 full seasons are needed in order to get a form a full assesment of his ability are dead wrong. Another 10, 20 or 30 games would make no difference in evaluating Manuel if you are NFL knowlegable, quarterback savvy. Like listening to a singer who just can not sing, there is no cure for the inability to throw a football. No quarterback coaching, no guru will change his lack of ability. No tinkering with his mechanics, footwork, etc will make any difference. His very flawed throwing motion; his release has doomed him. Add his other obvious flaws, lack of, football poise, pocket awareness, football smarts and locking on to first recievers, lack of field vision and we have a college quarterback that I maintain should not have been drafted but signed as a free agent. A switch now to backup Kyle Orton could salvage any playoff chances the Bills have as this team has talent to contend. Suffice to say, EJ Manuel, I predict, will be released before the start of the 2015 season and if any NFL team is stupid enough to sign him they should first talk to the Buffalo Bills faithful who suffered for two years watching him as another Bills quarterback failed.


Love it. I had under 6 games for QB change

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