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It's Dirk Nowitzki's Time To Win A Championship

It's Dirk Nowitzki's Time To Win A Championship

NBA Dallas Maverick All Star forward Dirk Nowitzki has shown incredible twisting, and acrobatic basketball moves throughout the NBA playoffs in the past month. The 14 year veteran in Tuesday night’s game 4 of the Western Conference Finals again was Baryshnikov–like demonstrating an incredible array of ingenious finishes to the basket plays and accurate jump shots. With the Mavericks now taking a 3-1 lead in the series the Mav’s look like they will be representing the Western Conference in the NBA finals starting June 2.
After 7 long years of frustrating losses in the playoffs, when favored or unable to close out series in game 7’s on their home court, the Mav’s now have the team and the star player to capture their first NBA championship. Playing with great defensive intensity and offensively a five man effort with the ‘Great Nowitzki” as the leader and go to man in the crunch time of the late fourth quarter the Mav’s have gone 9-1 in their last 10 playoff games. The Dallas Mavericks are now a veteran, poised club and 11-3 in their 2010 playoff run headed into tonight game 5.
Nowinski plays the power forward position at 7ft tall. He also has the mobility, size, and shooting ability to play the other two frontcourt positions, center and small forward Dirk Novinski has showcased his tremendous offensive basketball skills and garnered the national attention of the basketball fan this spring in the NBA playoffs. He has legitimized his place as one of the all-time NBA ‘greats’, one of the top ten best ever to step on a NBA hardwood. As a 10 time NBA All-Star, one time league MVP, he has always been considered an elite player. He is 5 wins away from getting a ring and with an NBA championship trophy and probable playoff MVP award. A role model and all around good guy Dirk Nowitzki deserves the accolades and championship ring that his Mavericks seem destined to finally win.


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