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Mets: if not now then when

Had the opportunity to watch the Cards at the Mets today in Spring Training.
At the post game meet, the Mets had a couple of announcements: 1) Jon Niese would open the season for the Mets, and 2) David Wright was named the team captain.
These are honors usually bestowed on the top players on the team. And if you look at the Mets' player records, both of these players have reasonable successful numbers. Are they league leading? No. But, this team is not league leading either.
Sandy Alderson was named GM in 10/29/10, and he hired former GM's J. P. Ricciardi (Toronto) and Paul DePodesta (LAD) as assistants soon after, to straighten out a mess left by the former GM.
The former GM had some bad luck, signed some over priced talent who were injured, or never performed up to previous standards, he also hired minor league officials who were poor managers of young players and were poor developers of players, they also had poor drafts as they had weak talent evaluators.
On top of this, the owners of the Mets were "mixed up" in the Madoff scandal, where Bernie Madoff was arrested on 12/11/08 and sentenced on 6/29/09. And by mid 2012, the court told the lawyers for the bilked investors that the Met owners owed the investors less than a $100 million.
However the first claim was for over $1 billion which caused the Met owners to look for a 25% partner to fund the payment. The claim was outrageous and soon changed. However these headlines were shocking to the owners and to the baseball world; obviously not good for either.
Given the time frames of these procedures, the franchise was essentially frozen from any real moves to repair the damage done to the fundamentals of the organization.
A new set of field management was brought in in 2011 to help develop youth, as the minor league teams was decimated of talent.
In the interim, the front office have been trading their top players, including last year's Cy Young winner to stock pile some young players. A number of these players were rushed to the Big League in the last 2 years, before their time, to support a team wrecked with injuries. It seems for years, this team has been hit with injuries.
The organization has not got enough young talent to develop and to help the big club thru their injuriy problems. The club has just not spent enough money.
So this is where we are today!
All this talk today of youth, building, prospects, power pitchers, one or more that may see action in MLB this year is not backed with numbers. The top catching prospect, who is 24 and has not caught one inning in MLB, is not ready for MLB and will be sent to AAA after Spring Training; a few of the prospects over the last 2 years have been injured and are not ready today for MLB.
If you want to see a model for building, quickly and boldly, look at the Washington Nationals who in 3 years, using a good base of vets, trades, bold, expensive drafts, and developing their talent, are talked about as being a contender.
Did all the National moves work out? No. All moves don't work out, usually. That is why you need more than less.
Therefore, unless the Met brass make some expensive moves, it is going to be years before the Met winning starts and is consistent, and that is no guarantee. Other teams haven't and won't sit around just watching.


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